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Advance Publications

The modeling of a concurrent dual-band transmitter exhibiting PM-PM/PM-AM distortions
Chen Changwei, Qin Kaiyu, Tang Bo

Experimental Investigation of the Relationship between Inter-core Crosstalk and Q-factor in Multicore DSDM Transmission Lines
Akira Isoda, Takayuki Mizuno, Yutaka Miyamoto

Node-Clustering Communication Method to improve QoS in V2X Communications in Crash Warning Applications
Takeshi Hirai, Tutomu Murase

Neural Network based Geomagnetic Estimation for Multi-Site Observation System
Yuta Katori, Kan Okubo

Cooperative precoding design for cognitive wireless energy transfer networks
Tingting Zhang, Yuanlian Huo, Juan Zhao

A Decoupling Method for MIMO Antennas by Using a Short Stub
Takuya Miyasaka, Hiroshi Sato, Masaharu Takahashi

Performance of Selection Combiner over Nakagami Fading Channel with Laplace Cochannel Interference
Vinay Kumar Pamula, Anil Kumar Tipparti

Ultra-wideband radar reflectivity of a drone in millimeter wave band
Ryohei Nakamura, Hisaya Hadama, Akihiro Kajiwara

Reduction of Quantization Error using Auxiliary Antenna on Array Antenna
Takuro Mamiya, Mitoshi Fujimoto

Performance Analysis of Impulsive Noise Blanking for Multi-Carrier PLC Systems
Tomoya Kageyama, Osamu Muta

Parameter Estimation Refinement of MIMO Propagation Channel by Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient Approach
Kentaro Saito, Yunyi Yao, Jun-ichi Takada

Experimental evaluation of synchronization accuracy considering sky view factor for QZSS short message synchronized SS-CDMA
Suguru Kameda, Kei Ohya, Ren Shinozaki, Hiroshi Oguma, Noriharu Suematsu

Improving link capacity by multi-user MMSE-SVD with ICI information in a distributed MIMO cellular network
Yuta Seki, Fumiyuki Adachi

Vol. 7 No. 8 (2018) Current Issue

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291-296 :
Cooperative polar code constructions over multi-channels
Yu-Ming Huang, Chin-Huai Shih, Hsiang-Pang Li, Hsie-Chia Chang
297-302 :
A new multiuser MIMO system with sum-rate maximization
Shigenori Kinjo, Shuichi Ohno
303-308 :
A study on transmission power control for wireless LAN under overlapping BSS environment
Isamu Shitara, Takefumi Hiraguri, Kazuto Yano, Naoto Egashira, Tomoaki Kumagai
309-314 :
Burst-mode transmitter/receiver sharing for VM migration of cloud edge
Kyota Hattori, Masahiro Nakagawa, Masaru Katayama, Jun-ichi Kani
315-315 :
Erratum: Omni-directional small planar antenna composed of folded slots spanning over both sides [IEICE Communications Express Vol. 7 (2018) No. 7 pp. 284–290]
Kyoichi Iigusa, Hirokazu Sawada, Fumihide Kojima


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