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Advance Publications

Spectrum Sensing Based on Weighted Diversity Combining Using Time-Averaged CAF
Daiki CHO, Shusuke NARIEDA, Kenta UMEBAYASHI, Hiroshi NARUSE

A video quality improvement technique for a fast combined watermark embedding method
Hajime Matsunaga, Tomoko Sawabe, Masami Kihara

Novel throughput evaluation method of Radio LAN systems based on occupied duration for Individual UDP transmission
Kenji Kita, Masato Uchida, Hiroyasu Ishikawa, Hideyuki Shinonaga

Low-Complexity Differential Modulation for High Mobility MIMO-OFDM
Dhoni Putra Setiawan, Hua-An Zhao

Revisiting the sensitivity analysis of Google’s PageRank
Hirotada Honda

Dynamic Channel Properties Based on Diffuse Scattering from Vehicles for High Frequency Bands in NLOS Urban Environments
Minoru Inomata, Tetsuro Imai, Koshiro Kitao, Yukihiko Okumura

Generalization of Channel Estimation Weights for Multiple Differential Detection Based on Per-Survivor Processing
Nanase Yumoto, Toshiki Mori, Takuma Yamagishi, Kazuki Shimomura, Hiroshi Kubo

Vol. 7 No. 11 (2018) Current Issue

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394-399 :
Experimental study on human target localization system using a multistatic ultra-wideband sensor
Ryohei Nakamura, Nana Shimizu, Hisaya Hadama
400-406 :
Selective MIMO diversity with subcarrier-wise UE antenna identification/selection
Fumiyuki Adachi, Amnart Boonkajay
407-414 :
Optimum element arrangements in MIMO radar using Khatri-Rao product virtual array processing
Jumpei Konishi, Hiroyoshi Yamada, Yoshio Yamaguchi
415-420 :
Autocorrelation based spectrum sensing technique for cognitive radio application
Sandhya Pattanayak, Palaniandavar Venkateswaran, Rabindranath Nandi
421-426 :
Impact of LED lamp noise on receiver sensitivity of wireless medical telemetry system
Kai Ishida, Sazu Arie, Ifong Wu, Kaoru Gotoh, Yasushi Matsumoto
427-431 :
Introducing the perception-distortion tradeoff into the rate-distortion theory of general information sources
Ryutaroh Matsumoto


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